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Fieldsheer Rainguard® is an exclusive product of Fieldsheer Inc. Rainguard® is a waterproof and breathable membrane that allows perspiration to escape, while preventing water from penetrating. It is light weight, durable and comfortable. This highly advanced membrane utilizes a polyurethane coating. Rainguard® can be combined with leather, Carboflex®, or any other material to provide a waterproof and breathable interior. The way Rainguard® works is quite simple. The pores are 650 times larger than water vapor, so evaporated water can easily escape. On the other hand, the pores are 15,000 times smaller than a small drop of water, so rain and snow can’t possibly penetrate. Rainguard® has been designed and tested to be: 100% waterproof, breathable, resistant to cold, flexible, dexterous and pleasing to the touch.


Carbolex functional fabrics are a key feature in Fieldsheer Canada Jackets and pants. Carbolex provides the waterproof, breathable and abrasion resistance functionality our customers demand combined with the ease of care and durability riders seek. As well as twice as durable vs. other nylons and polyesters.


Fieldsheer Phoslite® reflective technology is used for enhanced visibility at night or during low visibility conditions. Phoslite ® is composed of millions of tiny "Retroreflective" lenses bonded to a variety of fabric backings. These lenses will reflect light straight back to the lighting source, providing reflective warnings to the light source. Retroreflective material is an industrial fabric composed of wide angle, exposed retroreflective lenses bonded with a special polymer layer to a durable 100% polyester cloth backing.

Retroreflective material used in high-visibility safety apparel are to meet or exceed the minimum (Class1 / Level1) requirements for the following standards: EN 471 European standard which specifies the requirements of protective clothing aiming to signal the presence of the wearer visually in daylight as well as under illumination by headlights of cars. ANSI / ISEA 107-1999 U.S. standard for high-visibility safety apparel. Adopted in 1999 based on the European EN 471 requirements. The Fieldsheer Phoslite Retroreflective Technical Service Report was provided by SATRA. The test found to meet with the requirements of EN471:1994 Clause 6 for both class1 and 2 materials when tested as received and after the pretreatments.


The sewn seams have been sealed using thermoplastic tape to provide the protection from rain and water while keeping you dry and comfortable.


Enjoy an added sense of security while riding with CE Approved Armour


Prevents Static build-up that could potentially lead to sparks


Utilizing advanced technology, Maxtena-Pro high performance fabric was specifically designed with the rider in mind. The 500 denier nylon fabric features a smooth hand finish, yet offers the same durability and high abrasion performance our users have come to expect from our materials.


Nanomax ® meets and exceeds specifications of US military extended cold weather clothing system/waterproof and breathable procurement MIL-DTL-31011B (latest version). Nanomax ® membrane is a world-class nano-porous membrane, with a pore size as small as 0.03 micron. It has ultra high hydrostatic resistance, high moisture permeability, excellent air permeability and flame resistant performance. Furthermore, it has superior mechanical strength, high contamination resistance to oils, sweat and detergents, as well as abrasion performance.

 Exkin Air®

The optimum choice to keep the body warm.
• Water repellent
• Quick dry
• As soft and lightweight as down
• Multi-layer structure
• Maintain warmth even in wet conditions


Ultra-breathable, Durable, High Abrasion resistant Polyester mesh material


Highly engineered zippers that provide enhanced durability and ease of use.


Allows you to remove the armor at any time you do not want the armour or if you want to wear the jacket casually off the bike.


Gives the jacket more more versatility. The liner is left in for cold weather and then can be removed for when it becomes warmer.


Allows flexibility for arms and elbows.


Allows you to remove the back armor at any time you do not want the armor in.


Adjustable velcro waist strap with elasticized panels at the hips for added comfort


Mobile Touch Technology